A recent article published by Stanford University (an LDA client) reports on a researcher’s findings that the matriarch of a group of elephants communicates with her charges in an organized, coordinated, and conversational way. The resulting sounds are extremely vibrational and are not only heard but felt through the ground. It was observed that she does this to communicate when the group needs to move away from the waterhole they are visiting. It is believed that one of the reasons this is done is so that multiple clans of elephants are not frequenting the same waterhole at the same time, which can be very chaotic. The researcher also observed this communication process through the herd at other times as well, further strengthening her theories of how the matriarch is able to lead and direct her clan and keep them safe.

Parallels to Legacy abound! It is my main objective to keep my team moving together in an organized and productive way, not only to the benefit of our customers but also to the benefit of the team itself! The main way we do this is via communication – we have found through the years that communication is the cornerstone to the success of our mission.

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: http://blog.legacydataaccess.com/?p=551

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