Isn’t it interesting how (in casual writing at least) when we write words that are important to us, we capitalize them even if it isn’t grammatically correct to do so? And even if we are saying those words in conversation, we treat them like they are capitalized.

Even though Legacy is growing, more than ever it is important to me that we maintain our small company, start-up mentality.

The only way to remain great is to keep on applying the fundamental principles that made you great.

Jim Collins

Source: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't, Pages: 108

Our agility, our focus on success, our customer-centric attitude is what got us where we are today. We are not bound by big-company politics or formalities. As Warner is so fond of saying, “lets keep the Main Thing the Main Thing”.

So what words would I capitalize when I think about the Legacy and the services we offer?

Knowledgeable – when it comes to archiving healthcare data, why it is important, and why you should do it, we Know what we are talking about.

Honest – we are going to tell you the Truth. Always. Even if it means that we might lose a piece of your business. If the solution we have is not the right one for you, then we are not going to sell it to you. And we are going to deliver what we Promise.

Integrity - If we mess up, we are going to Own it and then Fix it.

Fair – we are going to charge you a Fair price for the Value you receive from our services. We are a business and we are dedicated to staying in business. We are NOT a non-profit, but we will insure you get a positive ROI for your investment with us.

Strategic Partner – we strive to be your archiving Strategic Partner for the long haul. Not just another software vendor.

When it comes to the team and what its like to work here?










And all of that makes me Love my job, my fellow employees, and customers , with a Capital ‘L’!

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